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Elijahs God is my God

by Billy Creighton © 2020

Elijah left a blazing trail
He would not bow the knee to Baal
Beginning with a mighty shout
He prophesied a 3 year drought
His prophesy came true it wasn't a lie
And for 3 years God shut up the sky
God cared for his child in those dry years
And his faithful servant had no need to fear
God sent him to Jordan and there to look
And he quenched his thirst by an old brook
But it wasn't just water God supplied for his man
God sent him a raven it was all in his plan
And that raven supplied his daily bread
So each day Elijah was watered and fed
As time went on and his supplies diminished
It didn't mean that God was finished
He sent him to a widow to ask for bread
But she didn't have any is what she said
I have only a little oil in a jug
A handful of flour and then it's all gone
I have just enough for me and my son
And after we've eaten our lives will be done
But the God of Elijah was there that hour
She was about to witnesses his mighty power
"Go home and do as you have just said
But first, make me a small loaf of bread
Then go home and eat with your son
And your supply will never run done".
So why my few thoughts on this great man of God?
He helps turn our eyes on our mighty Lord
Who has promised to supply all that we need
When we step out in faith and His word we take heed
As sure as the sun shines over the mountain rim
Our future is secure when our trust is in Him

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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