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But God

by Bob Peterson

Lost was Paul in the midst of the sea,
But God brought him safely to shore.
Jonah thought from the Lord he could flee,
But found God's not wise to ignore.

Lazarus got sick and tragically died,
But God brought him back from the dead.
Scorned should be Peter, for the Lord he denied,
But God called him to follow instead.

Condemned for our sins we all ought to be,
But God, in His love, came to save.
Jesus went to the cross and died there for me,
But then He conquered the grave.

But God healed the lame, but God gave new eyes,
But God calmed the sea and the air.
Time and again fear would rise,
But God brought hope from despair.

The world and its ways may seem very real,
But God says it will all pass away.
Truth, we may think is in what we feel,
But God's Word is the truth that will stay.

Satan is crafty to whisper his lies,
But God tells us, it's all a fraud.
Better sooner than late, we must realize,
That real hope is found in, "But God".

Psalms 73:26
My flesh and my heart may fail, But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. (NASB)

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