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Blessed in Christ

by Bettina Van Vaerenbergh

All manner of spiritual blessings
God bestows on believers.
We are His special treasure,
Because we're in Christ Jesus.

The Father chose us in His Son
Before the world began.
He predestined us for salvation,
According to His plan.

Through Christ we are forgiven;
His blood has paid our bill.
He set us free to live our lives
In keeping with God's will.

We are God's beloved children;
Holy and without blame.
We can come before His throne -
Boldly in Jesus' name.

God cares and provides for us;
We're each His precious gem.
He even preordained good works
For us to walk in them.

God gave us the Holy Spirit.
He gave us wisdom, and insight.
He called us out of darkness,
Into His marvelous light.

Christian's are God's inheritance;
We're the apple of His eye.
Called to serve in love -
So His name we might glorify.

We should give thanks always
For all things unto God;
Making melody in our hearts
To Jesus, our good Lord.

His loving grace has saved us;
His sacrifice sufficed.
No longer are we dead in sin -
We live and are blessed in Christ!

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