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by Peter Fraser © 1999

The most "holy" Reverend wears big diamond rings,
Wears Armani suits, not off the rack things,
His gold plated Bible is on show at all times,
And his bullet proof Limo is kitted out to the nines.

In his own private Lear he jet-sets around,
"Blessing" folks with his presence from town to town,
Each night he retires to a 5 star Hotel,
Paid by the tithes of those under his spell.

He lifts up his hands to the God who provides,
And curses all those who are not on his side,
He's on TV and Radio, with a Web Site on line,
And for a humble donation you can taste the Divine.

The Reverend likes visiting, maybe your Church one day,
He'll blow in and preach, and possibly stay,
And he'll gather some Sheep that will follow his call,
And the Sword of Division alas starts to fall.

Or he'll come with the law, Pharisee style,
And pull down the Saints, using knowledge and guile,
Accusations will fly and gossip will spread,
And a once vibrant fellowship keels over dead.

So beware of the Reverend, this most "holy" man,
Cause he'll capture your spirit any way he can,
Don't be fooled by the glamour and intelligent talk,
And let the truth of the Word guide your walk.

The Reverend comes in many various forms. Please stick to the Word and make it your survival guide through this world and do not rely on the guidance and advice of others, for people are fallible and quite often get it wrong, (Yes even fancy pants, million dollar PHD preachers). Beware the backbiter, the gossip, the one who pulls down instead of building up and the hypocrite. Beware the false Prophet who resorts to trickery and showmanship to amaze with signs and wonders and beware the one who speaks the Word of God with their lips, and the Word of Satan with their actions. All these and more are among us today. Be wise, be discerning, test the spirits at all times and pray for the saints fervently so that deception does not fall upon us like a hungry Lion.

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