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The Choice

by Mark Spencer © 1995

He came to me one sleepless night
And caught me unaware.
Within the darkness of my room,
I saw him standing there.

It was an angel sent from God,
With a message for me.
An epistle straight from heaven;
What could this message be?

I gave my wife a gentle nudge,
In hopes of waking her.
But in spite of my persistence,
I couldn't make her stir.

Then the angel shared his message,
With sadness in his voice.
"Your wife or you must come with me,
But you must make the choice."

I tried to make sense of the words,
That the angel said to me.
I felt a tear roll down my cheek
When asked: "Who shall it be?"

With all my might, I hugged my wife;
And though she couldn't hear,
I said: "I will always love you."
Then kissed her on the ear.

I looked back at the messenger,
And gave him my reply.
It's she who will be joining you,
If one of us must die.

From the moment that I saw you,
My doubts all passed away.
God's paradise awaits the one
Who leaves with you today.

The one who then must stay behind,
Will be lost and forlorn,
With nothing left but memories;
That leave my spirit torn.

I saw the angel smile at me,
As the room filled with light.
And in the way that he'd appeared,
He faded from my sight.

His final words rang in my ears,
And left me reassured.
"Because you answered as you did,
He's pleased with what He heard."

"Together, you will now grow old,
Your love forever true.
And I'll return to paradise
To pave the way for you."

And when my wife began to wake
She asked what made me weep.
As I wrapped my arms around her,
I said: go back to sleep.

These tears I cry are tears of joy,
I'm blessed more than I knew.
Tonight I was reminded of
The gift I have in you.

This poem was a finalist in the June 2021 poetry contest

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