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by Peter Fraser © 2020

In the conduct of business in my job every day, when dealing with people and the things that I say,
When I answer the phone or shake a new hand, Weather seeing City dweller or man on the land,
If I'm having a win or running at a loss, rolling in money or soaking in dross,
I can always rely on advice day to day, in leading me down the appropriate way,
There's no need for fear to make life harder, I find peace in the caring Heart of my Father.

When the wind blows hard in the gathering storm, and threatens to break on my cowering form,
If the trials overtake me and failure is nigh, if a well laid plan goes suddenly awry,
If the world tries to sink in its deadly claws, to encumber my way and cause me pause,
I can focus on learning from all that would come, keep moving forward and not be struck dumb,
I won't falter my way cause I know I'd rather, draw on strength & love from the Heart of my Father.

And when the time comes to fall off the perch, at the end of my life no longer to search,
A calmness and happiness will light up my face, as proof I have run to the end of the race,
There will be no fear, no deaths dread, from the day of my birth to this place I was led,
Jesus suffered and died so I could be saved, my way to eternity founded and paved,
And when in Heaven I kneel overflowing with ardour, I'll worship the loving heart of my Father.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.