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by Peter Fraser © 2018

How long is it Father until Jesus returns, when justice is restored and hypocrisy burns,
What a great day when Truth reigns supreme, when lies have been banished and Saints redeemed.
The day when all evil has run its foul course and the earth is returned to its original source,
This is the day that is long awaited, Heaven achieved and our thirst for God sated.

How long is it Father until Jesus reigns, till we all hear the sounds of Angelic refrains,
What a great day indeed it will be when the persecuted are rewarded and captives set free.
The day when crime is forever stamped out, a cool drink of water for a spiritual drought,
Hatred and war will be things of the past, no more Trade Unions or rich upper class.

How long is it Father until Jesus brings peace, evil imprisoned and righteousness increased,
An end to all Cruelty Regimes and Dictators, where torture and deprivation are the common denominators.
The day when creation cries out no more, all will be equal no rich and no poor,
Plentiful food clean water and air, no more dishonesty or Merchants of despair.

How long is it Father until perversion is banished, morality restored for a society famished,
What a great day when there is no sensory assault, when wanton displays are called to a halt.
No more porn to destroy and corrupt, sodomites judged their ending abrupt,
Media and politicians will no longer dictate, with Jesus in charge the world will be great.

We will wait Father with patience and care, for the Coming of Clouds and the Trumpets blare,
For on that great day we'll forever unite, with the Lord Jesus Christ returning with might.
The Lambs day is over the Lions begun, his Glory much brighter than noon day Sun,
Then in Heaven we will be home, transfigured and worshipping, eternal "Shalom"

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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