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Everlasting Love

by Nelita Anonuevo

Have you loved someone in a big way?
Yet the romance didn't last, it didn't stay.
Empty and broken promises, what a dismay
Heartaches, tears and pains... too many to say.

Lord help me find true love, I pray
Here I am my child, I hear Him say
Waiting for you to notice my love on display
From the beginning of time, l've loved you all the way.

Nothing can change my feelings for you in any way
True and unconditional, forever my love will stay
Nothing you can do to earn or make it go away
It's yours by grace, My Son died on the cross to pay.

In this world there will be troubles along the way
But by your side I will always stay
When you're in pain, the Holy Spirit will help you pray
To sustain and comfort you and wipe your tears away.

I'm humbled and blessed to be cared for in a special way
Safe in the Lord's strong yet tender arms everyday
Nothing can separate me from His love, come what may
What more can I ask for, what more can I say!

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