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Dreams And Consequences

by Mark Spencer © 2002

A goal begins in innocence,
With great ambitious dreams,
Which flows like water to the sea,
On rivers, brooks, and streams.

But time can bring the heart to bear,
While virtue pays the cost.
With every dream that is fulfilled,
Another soul is lost.

The coveting of worldly goals,
Is often fueled by doubt.
Corrupting even righteous souls,
No matter how devout.

For if one strives for his own gain,
He does not trust the Lord.
The spoils of such a lowly goal,
Grants no divine reward.

The profit earthly treasures yield,
Will often cloud the mind.
As promises once made to God,
Are largely left behind.

Recall the tale of Solomon,
The wisest man of old;
He married many foreign wives
Against what he was told.

He made God many promises,
His faith would never bend.
But even he could not fulfill
His pledges in the end.

For anyone who loves the world,
Must also share its fate.
If God comes second in your heart,
You will not reach the gate.

Consider every consequence;
What God expects of you.
Be cautious of each wish you make,
One day they might come true.

This poem was a finalist in the September 2021 poetry contest

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