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How Does God Choose A Hero

by Mark Spencer © 2021

Does the Lord search for His heroes?
Must He ferret them out?
Have His methods changed over time?
Does He explore about?

The truth is, He already knew,
Before this world was formed.
The one who crafted everything,
Was already informed.

This is the way of omniscience.
The seeker is a fraud.
If one must search the hero out
He's not the Lord, our God!

God chose His heroes long before
He said: "Let there be light!"
He forged a few to spread His word,
While some were built to fight.

The one who runs into the flames
To pull a stranger free,
The cop who stops the radical
Before a shooting spree!

The soldier who fights for the weak,
And stands for freedom's ways,
The mother who protects her young,
Until her final days.

The prophets, saints, apostles too,
Gave their lives to the Lord.
Brave martyrs who were burned alive,
Or murdered by the sword!

Their willingness sets them apart,
They'll pay whatever price,
If death awaits them in the end,
They'll make that sacrifice!

The fortitude within their souls,
Is a mighty river.
And when it's time to face the flood,
Heroes will deliver!

God chose them all, before the fall,
And let their courage shine!
Each soul that served Him faithfully,
Was part of this design.

If God led you into the fray,
What do you think you'd do?
If you can push through your dismay,
The hero might be you.

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