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From Revenge To Forgiveness

by Nelita Anonuevo

People whom I have loved and trusted,
Fooled and hurt me more times than could be counted.
My heart is full of pain and hatred,
Screaming out loud - - revenge is all that I wanted!

Lord help me, I feel drained and exhausted,
Thinking everyday, how I was offended.
How do I forgive and forget the hatred
When they're not even sorry for how they acted.

I feel your pain my child, I too was hurt and deserted
By everyone I've loved and cared for, you included.
I was left to die on the cross, tortured and humiliated
But despite all, love and grace, to everyone I extended.

Forgiving your enemies is the way to overcome hatred,
I know it's not easy but I could help you if you wanted.
Give me your pains and have yourself in me rested
I would heal your heart so you could love those you detested.

Forgive me Lord how I've judged others in hatred,
I am as guilty and broken, my heart needs to be converted,
A loving instead of a vengeful heart is now what I wanted
For the world to know, I am your child, your beloved!

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