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by Ronald Ferguson © 1999

What is coming, let it wait,
But on the Lord, you concentrate.
Don't you think that He knows best?
Then let the future with Him rest.

Joyous times, but heartaches, too,
May be allowed by God for you.
Christ your Lord sits on the throne: -
You do not stumble on alone.

Crooked byways do divert,
And with them, Christians sometimes flirt;
Track across unknown ground;
Forbidden signs they step around.

This is not the way to choose!
In blindness, there, your way you'll lose.
Lamp your feet and light your path -
The word of God dispels the dark.

Each day is sufficient here,
With light enough to make it clear.
All the rest, leave in His hand.
Not well enough, you understand.

Don't outrun your Saviour now,
But Him to lead, you must allow.
Future days are in God's care,
So worry not, and leave them there.

Metre = 7-8-7-8

The poem is available for Christian ministry but please ask permission first. I'd love to know how it is used in ministry.

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Click Here to contact Ronald Ferguson to request permission to use this poem.