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by Ronald Ferguson © 1999

What's the greatest present you can give
This coming Christmas time?
Expensive clothes or robot toys?
Delicious chocolates all in line?
A brand new car, or swimming pool?
A bright new boat or holiday?
Computers, over which kids drool?

What's the dearest gift that you can give
To someone that you love?
A diamond ring, or brand new home?
An aeroplane to fly above?
A painting by Picasso done?
The Eiffel Tower bought from France?
A paid up front, space shuttle run?

What's the greatest gift that God did give
To all the human race?
We see this gift in human frame,
The baby Christ in mum's embrace.
The Son of God in cloths was wrapped
In such a humble manger, laid,
While heav'n and earth, their hands they clapped.

What's the greatest love that God did show
To every human soul?
We see that love clearly expressed
Through Jesus Christ who makes us whole.
God gave the best that heaven owned,
The dearest and the greatest One -
A Baby once, but now enthroned.

What's the greatest, dearest present then
That we can ever give?
In Bethlehem the answer rests -
Ourselves we give to God, to live.
The Christmas message is just this -
That Jesus came and gave His all
So we might share the Saviour's bliss.

Metre = 9-6-8-8-8-8-8
Copyright retained

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