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by Ronald Ferguson © 1999

Beware the fowler in the way,
The schemer with his traps adept;
That cunning trickster who will lay
Ensnaring nets where he has crept.

The fowler knows his craft so well -
Each habit and routine discerns.
The ways of birds expertly tell;
Entrapment plans so well he learns.

To map his prey so cunningly,
And plan with subtle art his haul,
The fowler works strategically.
An expert he, the best of all.

Now Satan has his fowlers trained -
His followers in his control,
Whose traps are set, the cords are strained,
To catch God's children, is their goal.

Each subtle means will be employed:-
The lust of flesh, the lust of eyes,
To cause God's work to be destroyed;
To capture saints by wicked lies.

Beware the fowler's changing guise;
His trickery is most refined.
On every cunning trick relies
To cause God's own to be maligned.

Deliver us from fowlers' snares.
On every path these nets are laid.
Direct us, Lord, for our God cares.
Our trust's in Him. On Him we're stayed.

Metre = 8-8-8-8
Copyright reserved

This poem was a finalist in the December 2021 poetry contest

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