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by Peter Fraser

If you build your house upon the rock,
You wont listen to the crowds that mock,
For you are one of God's own flock,
You'll stand when worldly troubles knock,
Fiery darts you will deflect and block,
Through tempest and flood you'll bear the shock.

If you build your house upon the sand,
You'll fit in well in the realm of man,
But your spiritual life will be dry and bland,
Regardless of wealth you may have at hand,
When disaster strikes your valuable land,
Your foundation will crumble and your house wont stand.

So dig down deep and find the stone,
Lay your foundations in the safety zone,
And your God given wisdom will clearly be shown,
For when the waves crashed and winds have blown,
You will hear those around you scream and moan,
But your house among many will stand alone.

How many people do you know who have built their whole world on a bed of sand? We have all seen the result of this at least once in our lifetime. It a truly devastating thing to see somebody crumble under the slightest trouble because their foundation in Christ was weak. If the example of Christ is taken seriously and used as a guide for our own lives on the Earth then no matter what the enemy throws at us, our feet will always be firmly planted on solid rock. It is when the things of this world and our own fleshy wants interfere with this example that the ground beneath our feet starts to rock and roll. Dangerous territory don't you think?

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