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by Peter the Poet

The world's become permissive, almost anything goes,
Satan sets the standards and blind people strike the pose.
Morals are a dying thing, it's more important to have fun,
Whatever's your thing, just do it, the party has begun.
But if you're going to play the game keep the traps in mind,
There's lots of things to ruin your fun, heaps of ties that bind.
But people don't consider those, they just play and worry later,
But it's in your soul's best interest to become an anticipater.

Think about diseases, yes a physical price to pay,
A host of social maladies to haunt you all your days.
Warts and sores and rashes galore, yeast and fungus infections,
Require tablets, creams and lotions even antibiotic injections.
But these days it's serious, AIDS can put you in the grave,
The ultimate price to pay for those who choose to misbehave.
No prophylactic contraceptive's provide 100% protection,
The axe could fall at any time, in any which direction.

But what about the deeper cost, the toll taken on your heart,
Each seed you sow on foreign ground forces you and God apart.
Adultery lurks at every turn hoping to catch you out,
Which drives a wedge into the heart of the ones we care about.
Families dissolve, Children run riot, angry and full of hate,
Because a selfish parent gave no thought to their family's long term fate.
And the yolk of fornication waits for Singles to swallow whole,
Every feather in your cap makes a new chain around your soul.

Remember what God wants of you, to know you from within,
So if you defile his temple what are you saying to him?
God created the sexual bond for Man and Wife to enjoy,
But worldly ways would have it become a meaningless, perverted toy.
Resist temptation and don't be a victim of Satanic pleasure ploys,
Keep yourself pure, be your God's Child, not one of the Hell-bound Boys.
And if you ask for my advice, I can only say one thing,
If you really want to have safe sex, wear a wedding ring!!!!!

Don't be a sucker to the modern day feeling of "If it feels good do it". It is a trap laid for the foolhardy and ignorant. What feels good for the flesh or the ego may not be healthy for the spirit. The Word of God says that we are not to commit adultery, have sex out of wedlock (fornication) and avoid unclean practices (masturbation, pornography etc). But the Word of the world (Satan) says that these things are acceptable if it is good for you and does not interfere with others, if those concerned are consenting and what you do behind closed doors is your own business and should not be judged. What an amazing difference!! The choice is simple. Answer the needs of the flesh blindly like an animal or consider the health of the spirit which longs to have a relationship with God. Be on your guard, for Satan will try to deceive you into believing that your actions are justified and when you are deep enough into the trap it will spring and your world will collapse. Don't for a minute think that your actions will have no consequences. The ramifications of sin will affect the world of your body and spirit. Christians, be very careful!

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