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by Peter Fraser

Some words of advice to the downtrodden and bound,
Seek the Lord Jesus, he's here to be found,
Be discerning and watchful, think clear as a bell,
Keep your mind on the following and you'll do well.

Do not be fooled by the Lady in white,
For Satan appears as an Angel of light.

If you see the sun dancing across the sky,
Seek proof in the Word and laugh at the lie.

If the carvings and statues ooze blood and shed tears,
The Devils are playing and have been for years.

When healings occur at sacred pools,
Test the spirits at work, remember the rules.

When the idols are fed and drink milk from a spoon,
For certain the Evil One is seeking your ruin.

When they say "See Christ in my temple or town",
Believe it not for false prophets abound.

When you see those objects among the stars,
Be assured it's not little men from Mars.

If you hear "Peace and Safety" destruction is sure
Get off your laurels and into the war.

But most of all Saints keep your eyes on the Lord,
Walk in his footsteps and carry his sword,
For all days are numbered, the end time is near,
He who has an ear, let him hear.

In these end times, there are many false prophets and doctrines to draw believers from the true path of God. We must ensure our foundation in the Word is strong and impervious to these spiritual termites. To stand against popular beliefs and movements will bring persecution upon yourself, but we must ask ourselves what is better for us? To blindly follow those who misinterpret God's Word and be damned with them, or cleave to the truth and keep salvation's plan? Make your own choice. I have!!!!

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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