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What's Come to Pass

by Robert Hawkins © 2021

Though promised in the Garden -- the world is still surprised;
though generations waited -- he first meets those despised.
Four hundred years of silence is broken with a cry;
gone -- centuries of darkness, when angels fill the sky.

Designer of the cosmos -- his splendors never dim;
his stars ignite the heavens -- a lone star points to him.
The tiny baby wakens to little lambs that bleat;
the Lamb of God is worshipped by shepherds at his feet.

The one with no beginning -- arrives by virgin birth;
creator of creation -- has come to save the earth.
The one who owns the cattle upon a thousand hills,
is sleeping in the manger, amid the noise and filth.

A threat to earthly kingdoms -- yet strangers seek him out;
though prophesied for ages -- his birth leaves some with doubt.
He'll cure so many people, walk on the Sea like glass;
‚Äčto God, be all the glory! Let's see what's come to pass.

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