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by Ronald Ferguson © 2022

By faith I walk and not by sight.
By faith I live and this is right.
For by my faith, my God can show,
His nearness to me, here below.

It is our faith that anchors fast;
Faith that in Christ, will always last.
All faith that honours God is true;
Direct faith, that's not in a queue.

When the lion begins to roar,
Our faith to God must likewise soar.
Lions, tigers and all the rest,
Are caged by faith, at God's behest.

Faith sometimes may fall and stumble.
That's the time we must be humble;
Return to God with added vim,
And place your faith firmly in Him.

God is pleased with your sincere trust;
For a Christian, it is a must.
Your faith should grow from day to day,
And should overcome all doubt's sway.

Your faith will gain the victory,
And trample on sin's trickery.
In this life it journeys with you,
And to the next, it's brought you through.

Just the first stanza was done in 1970. The remainder was completed on 8 January 2022
This would share my oldest beginning of a Christian poem. Metre= 8 throughout AABB

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