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Wonder Woman

by Bob Peterson

It's been a long day and her feet are sore.
She's feeling like she couldn't take one thing more.
But the old man's hungry and the kids got the flu.
She's running on empty but there's so much to do.

She asks herself what kind of woman am I?
She feels so low that she just wants to cry.
Sometimes she feels like a failure but that's not what I see.
No, she's always Wonder Woman to me.

She can leap a mountain of laundry with a single bound,
Whip up a three-course dinner at the speed of sound.
She can see a wounded heart with her ex-ray eyes.
She can do all this and never realize,

How lost we'd be without her love,
How thankful we are to God above.
For she's Super Mom our kids all agree,
But she's always Wonder Woman to me.

She's got a full-time load and a family she feeds.
It seems she's always meeting someone else's needs.
Sometimes she wonders of the worth of her life,
But I have no greater treasure than my precious wife.

With her loving hands she helps her chicks to soar.
She's a preacher and a teacher and so much more.
So, I'll take just a moment to help her see,
That she's always Wonder Woman to me.

Wonder Woman, looking better every day.
Wonder Woman, love you more than I can say.
Wonder Woman, to my heart you hold the key.
Wonder Woman, won't you come and rescue me?

`Cause when the kids are asleep and the lights are low,
And you're holding me in the candle glow,
Well, there's no other place I'd rather be.
`Cause you're always Wonder Woman to me.

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