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If You Should Come Today

by Sammy Lykens © 2022

Telling myself it's just so hard
The burdens are too great
Wondering if I'll ever heal
And how long must I wait

I know that God's a faithful friend
Who will never fail
But can He save this battered ship
Sinking with no sail

I've been so tossed and driven
On a sea that seems so dark
My vessel that once carried me
Has all but come apart

I once was like a candle
Shining out there in the night
Now it's all but dwindled
A flickering fading light

God please come renew me
I need a special touch
Bring me back into the fold
Lord I'm not asking much

These are very troubling times
Please hear me when I say
I pray that you'll not pass me by
If you should come today

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