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My 23 Psalm

by Bob Peterson

Lord, You're my shepherd. You're all that I need.
The goal of my life is to follow Your lead.
Control of my life to You I concede.
You're my shepherd and all that I need.

In the arms of Your care, I shall never be wanting,
Even though the future may seem rather daunting.
Though doubts and fears may cry out their taunting,
In Your care I shall never be wanting.

You bid me lie down in pastures of green,
To make time for You in my busy routine.
To think and give thanks for the wonders I've seen,
As I lay down in pastures of green.

You lead me by where the still waters flow,
A place where my travels don't usually go.
To be in Your presence, and Your fullness know,
There by where the still waters flow.

By the touch of Your hand, You restore my soul.
Returning the joy that my loses have stole.
Filling the void and making me whole.
Restoring my dry, weary soul.

On the path of righteousness, You are my guide.
Giving me strength as I walk by Your side.
Warning of dangers from the way which is wide.
You're my righteousness. You're my guide.

I will follow Your lead for the sake of Your name.
Though I cannot hide from my weakness and shame.
Still, I shall go on and Your glory proclaim,
For I live for the sake of Your name.

And though I may walk through the valley of death,
I'll trust in You Lord, even to my last breath.
Clutching to You with all I have left,
As I walk through the valley of death.

I will fear no evil for You are with me.
Your hope and salvation I know I shall see.
I'll cling to my faith whatever may be.
I'll not fear for You are with me.

It's comfort I gain from Your staff and your rod.
And in times of weakness, by Your gentle prod.
The truth I receive from the Word of my God.
I gain comfort from Your staff and Your rod.

Before my enemies, a table You've set.
A table for me with all my needs met.
You've never forsaken or failed me yet,
For this child, a table You've set.

Your Holy Spirit pours over my head.
Your love and Your grace, over me You have spread.
I should be condemned, but You've called me instead.
Your grace pours down over my head.

With all that You've done my cup overflows.
The wealth of Your blessing continually grows.
And proof of Your care, my life clearly shows.
I give thanks for my cup overflows.

All the days of my life are anchored in You,
Your goodness and love in all that You do.
At times I may struggle but still it is true,
My life remains anchored in You.

Forever with You, I long to abide.
Oh, please my dear Lord, may I not be denied,
To sit in Your presence and walk by Your side,
Forever, with You to abide.

The Lord is my shepherd, He bids me lie down,
Restoring my soul where still waters are found.
For His glory He leads me onto higher ground,
A shepherd, never letting me down.

Though I walk death's road I will not be afraid.
My provision and care He has already laid.
Upon me His Spirit a gentil cascade,
In His presence forever, and never afraid.

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