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A Child of God

by Yee Ying Yeo © 2022

A Child of God has eyes to see
The hidden world of boundless beauty
His sight unveiled, with longing seeks
He asks, in wordless prayer he speaks
He knocks, with boldness on the door
It opens up a treasure store
Of endless love and lavish grace
Transcending human time and space

A Child of God has ears to hear
The gladdest words of hope and cheer
Of news, the human heart to bless
Of pardon, for unworthiness
The curse of sin, for him undone
The doom of Man, is over-won
A cleansing flood so white and pure
Flows down to him from heaven's shore

A Child of God knows with his heart
Immortal truths, their timeless art
Inscribed, unyielding in his soul
With hands of love that make him whole
Awakes each day to the refrain
Of sweet singing again and again
True music from a kingdom above
Has drawn him in with arms of love

A Child of God shall always abide
Safe in His love, held fast to His side
Hidden in wide arms of embrace
Ever adoring in worship and praise
Great awe and fear, imbued with love
Are mingled off'ring to Him above
Who traces sacred unwept tears
Of the heart, living unnumbered years

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