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Forever saved

by Bettina Van Vaerenbergh

Saved by God's grace;
Love overcame sin.
His Holy Spirit -
Forever dwelling within.

The old life left -
At the foot of the cross;
The former things
Now counted as loss.

Cleansed and forgiven;
Before God justified.
Righteous in Christ -
Holy and sanctified.

Beloved child;
Close to God's heart.
Chosen by Him -
And set apart.

Once dead, now alive
In Jesus, His Son.
With patience the race
Of life must be run.

No longer darkness
But now a shining light…
Work while it's day;
Soon comes the night!

Love well for Jesus,
To Him always cling;
Heavenly treasures -
Thus gathering.

For faithful servants
The reward will be great.
Heaven holds a place
For keepers of the faith.

All who trust Jesus,
Will someday behold
His glorious face
And wonders untold!

This poem was a finalist in the July 2022 poetry contest

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