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What is Wonderful

by J.R. LaMar © 2022

I wonder, O I wonder,
What is wonderful in me?
Do I shine like stars at night
in an interstellar sea?

Can I tumble like a river?
Can I branch out like a tree?
Oh I wonder, how I wonder,
what is wonderful in me?

Am I solid like a stone,
or just hollow like a bone?
Am I made with ancient wonder . . .
or am I just alone?

I've been raised in your creation
just to question where I stand:
Just to question who I am!
Like a lowly little raindrop
or a tiny grain of sand.

And I wonder where my place is
in the scope of all your plans;
How you hold my whole existence
And the timeline as it spans.

Who I was and who I can be,
who I want to be, and am,
since I'm also a creation
that was fashioned in your hands.

And I wonder, of the wonder,
of the one who crafted me,
and how you molded everything
that's ever meant to be.

Your heavens formed with majesty.
You planted every tree.
With your tiny water dropper
filled a world full of sea.

Then you painted every ripple.
and you raised up every tide,
while you guided every creature
who has ever lived inside!

But in all the things I've lived through
I have never felt the wonder,
of the lights that shine from heaven
or the creatures deep down under.

I'm just small and insignificant.
My bodies fraught and frail,
and despite my will to work hard
I still find I often fail.

It's a wonder, such a wonder,
since I'm so completely flawed;
That I'm fearfully created
by the one and only God.

And of every single me
that I could've turned into,
it's a wonder that you made me
in an image just like you.

So if I think YOUR wonderful,
I guess I must be wonderful,
The stars, the trees, the raging sea's,
between them all - is ME
And I'm made with fear and wonder!
And I'm marked with majesty!

This poem was a finalist in the October 2022 poetry contest

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.