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I Will Be Resurrected

by Kathy Kimbrough © 2008

If my heart should stop
To beat no more
Don't grieve for me
As I enter deaths door.

My body will be left
But my spirit moves on.
It will ascend to the Father
Where it's presence is known.

My body will be buried
While it awaits the Resurrection.
Then one day in the future
It will arise to meet perfection.

I know this will happen
because it happened to Christ.
The grave couldn't hold him
Though he was brutally sacrificed.

He arose the third day
And that gives me HOPE.
So I'll keeping trusting in him
And he'll help me to cope.

The grave cannot hold me
Though today I should die.
"I will be Resurrected"
And meet Jesus in the sky.

Read 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

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