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by Kristine Stanton © 2023

'Twas many, many years ago
two babies came to be—
these boys were truly opposites,
which soon came plain to see.

The lads were given names that fit
their personality.
The name bestowed upon one boy
was Truth, for honesty.

The other child was known to fib,
therefore, his name was "Lie."
No one could place their trust in him—
the truth he would deny.

And as these little boys grew up
they gathered many friends.
The ones who showed integrity
were faithful to the end.

And those who gathered 'round the lad—
the sly one who told lies—
would falsely speak and sometimes draw
a crowd of those unwise.

And then one day a boy named "Dare"
met with "Truth" and "Lie."
and so, befitting to his name,
he dared each lad to lie.

With dignity, "Truth" walked away—
he would not play this game.
But, "Lie" agreed to follow through
and lived up to his name.

Intrigued by "Truth's" response to him
"Dare" had another plan.
He challenged "Truth" to bow before
the sinful other man.

"Truth" then dismissed himself from "Dare"
and knelt before the Lord.
He asked for strength and inner peace—
to God he had implored.

God heard the earnest prayers of "Truth"
and came to his rescue.
God strengthened "Truth" when he was weak—
when things had gone askew.

"Truth" thanked and praise Almighty God
for coming to his aid,
while "Dare" and "Lie" stood in the dark—
with other renegades.

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