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Blessed Succor

by Emanuel Lucero © 2020

No prodigal son was I
I did not seek to return
No respite until I die
Repentance not my concern

Gideon's trumpet will sound
I will stand before the King
And guilty I will be found
With all the wrath that it brings

To darkness I would depart
And I know such is my due
Forever from God apart
I am one He never knew

Wretched I was from start
Never seeking salvation
Proud I was of hardened heart
Master of my creation

My attempts to end it all
Was not an option for me
Despite actions immoral
He saw more than I could see

Acts of mercy intervened
Too numerous to mention
He kept me from harm unseen
He foresaw my redemption

Time and again He saved me
Until I could not deny
Then I took to bended knee
Jesus is Lord, I did cry

No thunderclap from above
No writhing of contrite frame
Nor alighting of a dove
On shoulders heavy with blame

This forgiveness I did crave
Was offered for me to claim
He has risen from the grave
My redemption He obtained

What power pulls from hells grasp?
Souls doomed to burn forever
Now held tight in heavens clasp
Serving God, their endeavor

Such power is in Jesus
Power to break Satan's hold
With a word He releases
All Heaven's might does unfold

The years have passed, and I thrive
Jesus' love I do savor
For I know He is alive
Jesus Christ, risen Savior!

This poem was a finalist in the February 2023 poetry contest

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