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Trust Me

by Kristine Stanton © 2016

I sat on the beach and gazed at the sky,
looking for answers to my questions: "Why?"

Why did the Father create you and me,
the sun and the stars and the deep blue sea?

Why are there mountains, and valleys below?
These are some things I would like to know.

Why is there hatred, violence and greed—
they're works of the devil—they are, indeed.

Why can't we gather as one in accord—
one happy family with God as our Lord?

Why is there sorrow, such pain and disease?
I ask You, dear Lord—God, answer me please. 

I sat for a while to wait on the Lord.
He heard my questions—the ones I implored.

And then with much love, great patience and grace,
God whispered gently with words I embraced.

"My child, I love you, and your strong will.
I love all the world—just trust Me—be still.

You don't understand—it's not time to know.
Someday I'll tell you, but first you must grow.

With every season you'll learn more and more—
learn all you can with no fear to explore.

Now, reach for My hand and I'll lead the way—
follow My footsteps, take heed and obey.

I'll answer your questions when timing is right.
For now, you must trust Me, each day and night."

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