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Strong Tower

by Dennis Newton © 2023

Missiles are flying,
People are dying
Peace destroyed
Babies are crying.

Enemies are hating.
Hearts are shaking.
Bombs keep falling,
The earth is quaking.

Once God has spoken,
Twice have I heard,
Power belongs to our Lord,
There is goodness in His Word.

Seek shelter in redemption,
In evil's final hours.
Find mercy and refuge
In God, our strong tower.

Evil is loosed,
Hope is fleeting.
Death stills the air,
Innocence lies bleeding.

The carnage is numbing.
Devastation is stunning.
Our souls are awaiting
The glory of Your coming.

Be filled with His presence,
Sing forth raptures of praise.
For evil will be vanquished
In the Lord's chosen days.

Evil will soon taste
The wine of God's power.
The forgiven finding shelter
In our Savior, our strong tower.

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