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(Just) A Matter of Time

by Dennis Newton © 2020

I remember the days of your loving ways.
The smile you showed, the way you glowed,
I recall the moments we shared.

Time will surely tell, that all is now well.
Although there is pain and memories remain.
The heart knows how much you cared.

When nightly dreams come a calling,
And your kindness serenades my mind.
I know I will see you when God's time has come.
It's just matter of time.

If I had a choice, I would seek your voice,
On knees I would pray, for just another day.
Just one more moment in the sun.

But for now I know, you had to go,
Such is God's plan as is for all of man.
Rest on now, your race has been run.

Though I miss you with all of my heart,
I know God's mercy is loving and kind.
By His grace we will dance once again.
It's just a matter of time.

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