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Tell Him Where It Hurts

by Dennis Newton © 2023

We all pray for sunny days
Where everything is right.
Even in our darkest moments,
We can still see some light.

Still the storms of life,
Without warning come rolling in.
Our minds taken back to times before
And we cry out, "not again!".

In those times of broken dreams
Where comfort comes not in words,
Get on your knees and talk to God
And tell Him where it hurts.

When friends are no longer found,
Those you love, no longer call.
When the night beckons your tears,
Visited only by shadows on the wall.

When you have been found forsaken,
It is the Lord who never leaves you.
His mercies and care are ever lasting,
God's love is what sees us through.

In those times of desperation,
When your soul screams with thirst,
Cry to the One who shakes the wilderness,
And tell God where it hurts.

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