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When I Pray To You

by Dennis Newton © 2023

When I call to You I can see Your loving face.
And I know that You are with me in this place.
I can hear the angels singing choral tunes,
When I am in Your presence and I pray to You.

Your loving arms are open when I'm speaking with You.
Just Your glorious presence gets me through.
Each time I find myself not knowing what to do,
I find all the strength I could ever need, when I pray to You.

My heart starts smiling any time I hear Your name.
Since You came into my life, everything has changed.
Because of You and Your love for me, I now know the truth.
Trumpets sound aloud when I pray to You.

I am filled with joy in the places where once was doubt.
I am singing and shouting now from the inside out.
The future is a wonderment and coming clearly into view,
Every time I read Your words and when I pray to you.

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