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Rely on God, Courage
Christian book: A Knight's Tale A Knight's Tale
( Rely on God, Courage )
Josiah, the just was commissioned to save the king's daughter who was kidnapped by the Duke. Brave Joshia relied on no one but God alone.
Christian book: A Mouse in the House A Mouse in the House
( Sin )
A man nicely asks a mouse to stay out of his house, but the mouse by nature will go where there's food. This story really is about how sin can be. Sin will keep coming into your "house" until you deal with it forcefully. Satan wants to keep you entangled.
God works all things together (Romans 8:28)
Christian book: All Things All Things
( God works all things together (Romans 8:28) )
Four friends went to play in the park and made good use of what they have. What have you got today for helping others?
God's creation
Christian book: Big and Small Big and Small
( God's creation )
This story is an eye opener: exploring from the untouchable biggest thing to the most amazing smallest things, all created by the cleverest GOD.
washing of sins
Christian book: Bobby's Bath Bobby's Bath
( washing of sins )
Bob will do anything to avoid a bath. Just like most people will avoid having their sins washed away.
The Truth
Christian book: Brain Puzzles Brain Puzzles
( The Truth )
Interesting puzzles switch on your thinking mode followed by answers. Stay until the last as the best always comes the last!!!
Christian book: Brave Kiwi Brave Kiwi
( salvation )
Kiwi is a brave bird who manages to save someone's life because of one brave action.