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The Bops Series

Christian book: The Bops Adventure 1 The Bops Adventure 1
( Love )
This is a sweet little story to help explain to a child that he is loved and would be so missed if he were gone from your sight even for just a short while. Sometimes kids don't realize how loved they are.
Kids working
Christian book: The Bops Adventure 2 The Bops Adventure 2
( Kids working )
This story is a good one for kids who might need to see a little value to the benefits of working. Too much entertainment can put the mind of a child askew.
Christian book: The Bops Adventure 3 The Bops Adventure 3
( Humility )
Chrissy learns that his hopes for greatness can only be achieved by following the humble, submissive example of the greatest person who ever lived.
Praising God
Christian book: The Bops Adventure 4 The Bops Adventure 4
( Praising God )
Although we might get pleasure from the things God gives us in this world Billy Bop learns that real happiness comes from the God who made this world. It is not the gift that gives us joy but the giver of the gift.
In God's Time
Christian book: The Bops Adventure 5 The Bops Adventure 5
( In God's Time )
Katibop learns to be patient as God makes her beautiful in His time.
God's plan
Christian book: The Bops Adventure 6 The Bops Adventure 6
( God's plan )
Slurpybug thinks the world was made for him, but Beebop shows Slurpybug how he is only a small part of the grand design of what God has created.
Obedience to parents
Christian book: The Bops Adventure 7 The Bops Adventure 7
( Obedience to parents )
When we disobey we get can get into all kinds of mess. In this story Chrissy learns the hard way that things go easier when he obeys his mom's instructions.