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Bible Stories

Death of Elijah
Christian book: Death of Elijah Death of Elijah
( Death of Elijah )
This is the account of Elijah going up into the whirlwind and the passing on of the ministry to Elisha. Your Sunday School students will enjoy this re-telling as its illustrations add excitement and freshness to the account.
The One True God
Christian book: Elijah and the One True God Elijah and the One True God
( The One True God )
This is the story of Elijah's standoff with Baal. Though not mentioned here, this account takes place at the end of a long drought. The priests of Baal are going to call on him to show himself at the . . . [ read more ]
Christian book: Elisha Takes Over Elisha Takes Over
( Elisha )
This is the account of Elisha's first miracle, how he gained respect of leaders and the account of how the Moabites were defeated. Reading this story brings a true story to life!
Christian book: Fish and Lepers Fish and Lepers
( Jesus )
What a great story for Sunday school children. A very evangelistic tool to teach the children about laying your life down to follow Him!
Christian book: How to Arrest a Prophet How to Arrest a Prophet
( Elijah )
God wants us to turn to Him first when we have a need. We can learn from the king in this story how serious God is about this.
Christian book: Jonah for children Jonah for children
( Jonah )
Read this story of Jonah to your Sunday school class and they will love it!
Jesus rides into Jeruselem
Christian book: King Jesus King Jesus
( Jesus rides into Jeruselem )
This is the story of Jesus riding into Jerusalem, the cleansing of the Temple and the response of the religious leaders.