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Joyful noise
Christian book: Klutsy Adventure 1 Klutsy Adventure 1
( Joyful noise )
In this Christian story Klutsy shows that though our noise may not always be a pretty one, we still can make a joyful noise unto the Lord!
Doing your best
Christian book: Klutsy Adventure 2 Klutsy Adventure 2
( Doing your best )
The job we do may not always be all that great, but what counts is that we do our best. In this little Bible story Klutsy makes a real mess of things even though he's done his best. See what kind of godly response he gets from his friend.
Christian book: Klutsy Adventure 3 Klutsy Adventure 3
( Trust )
In this story Klutsy learns that someone who calls themselves a friend is not always a friend. After all, a real friend wouldn't try to take your trust from the word of God and put it in a "thing."
Christian book: Klutsy Adventure 4 Klutsy Adventure 4
( Greediness )
The want box can give to Klutsy anything he asks for. This book would be a good Sunday school story time addition to teach about greed.
Giving to God
Christian book: Klutsy Adventure 5 Klutsy Adventure 5
( Giving to God )
Though Quentin can't see it right away, what Klutsy says about giving to God and how God gives back is really true. When we share God replaces with much more than we gave. This is a Christian principle that is brought down to a level a child understand.
Trusting God
Christian book: Klutsy Adventure 6 Klutsy Adventure 6
( Trusting God )
Sometimes people get worried about bad things that are happening. In this story learn how everything works for good for those who love God. This is a great story for learning to trust Jesus.
Christian book: Klutsy Adventure 7 Klutsy Adventure 7
( Stealing )
Have you ever run away with a stolen cake? Well, Klutsy did. His sweet tooth got the better of him, and in the end he wish it never did.