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Reliable messenger
Christian book: Sarah Adventure 1 Sarah Adventure 1
( Reliable messenger )
Sarah bear relies on Emptyhead bear to run an errand for her. Can you guess what happens when Sarah asks this friend to help her?
Reliable witness
Christian book: Sarah Adventure 2 Sarah Adventure 2
( Reliable witness )
Sarah bear meets a dragon! But when she tells her friends they don't believe her, after all, there is no such thing as dragons. But Quentin knows better about Sarah. Use this little story to learn a principle about how to judge someone's integrity.
God is our refuge in scary times
Christian book: Sarah Adventure 3 Sarah Adventure 3
( God is our refuge in scary times )
Sarah bear is very afraid when a big storm comes on quickly. She wants to go to Quentin for help, but that would mean going through the storm to get there. Read this story to find out how she "rises" above the problem!
Thinking ahead
Christian book: Sarah Adventure 4 Sarah Adventure 4
( Thinking ahead )
When Sarah bear saw trouble she turned to the Bible for advice. She thought through all her options and prayed for God's help.
God's care
Christian book: Sarah Adventure 5 Sarah Adventure 5
( God's care )
Sarah Bear thinks God has forgotten to take care of her needs. In this Christian story see how Sarah is all wrong about that!
Christian book: Sarah Adventure 6 Sarah Adventure 6
( Sharing )
What a great lesson on sharing for your Sunday School students! In this story Sarah Bear does lots of baking and thinks she will be happier if she only has it for herself. Boy, is she wrong about that!
Service for God
Christian book: Sarah Adventure 7 Sarah Adventure 7
( Service for God )
Klutsy feels bad because he is just a very small bear. How can God use such a small bear? Sarah tells Klutsy a story that helps him understand how gracious God is!