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Benjamin Mouse

Christian book: Crafty Crow Crafty Crow
( Revenge )
Have you ever been tricked by some annoying friends? How did you feel? Benjamin Mouse had the same experience, but he chose to do something different and became a good example for all of us.
Unconditional Love
Christian book: The Best Birthday Present The Best Birthday Present
( Unconditional Love )
This is definitely a Christian story! Benjamin learns the kind of love our Heavenly Father has for us. Read this one to find out how!
Powerful Words
Christian book: The Big Insult The Big Insult
( Powerful Words )
Benjamin Mouse gets insulted by his sister, and because he allows himself to be angered by her words he finds himself in a problem.
Doing your best
Christian book: The Great Race The Great Race
( Doing your best )
This is a "re-make" of the classic Tortoise and the Hare. Its very cute-take a look!
Christian book: The Hungry Dog The Hungry Dog
( Courage )
Benjamin mouse learns that just because you are small doesn't mean you can't do something big. See what happens in the story of courage!
Jumping to conclusions
Christian book: The Lazy Day The Lazy Day
( Jumping to conclusions )
We can't know everything by just one look. Not all is known of Benjamin in this story of wrong conclusions!
Consequence of disobedience
Christian book: The Little Sticks The Little Sticks
( Consequence of disobedience )
Benjamin mouse's Dad told him not to play with the "little wooden sticks with red hats". But he didn't listen. Temptation overcame him with swift destruction in tow!