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The Bible

Christian book: 1. Science and the Bible 1. Science and the Bible
The Bible stands apart as a book ahead of its time. All through he ages people have used strange and superstitious practices. But there is no superstition in the Bible. In fact, we have a faith that h . . . [ read more ]
Christian book: 2. Bible Prophecy 2. Bible Prophecy
This book makes a terrific comparison between ungodly prophets, like Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce, and godly prophets like Micah, Ezekiel, Isaiah and Daniel. In the case of the ungodly, both made many . . . [ read more ]
Bible Proofs
Christian book: 3. The Bible and Archaeology 3. The Bible and Archaeology
( Bible Proofs )
Many predictions have been made in the Bible that have been proven true over the years. Read of names of skeptics who have tried and tried to prove the Bible inaccurate, but have themselves been shown of its archaeological truth.
God the Inventor
Christian book: 4. Wonders of Nature 4. Wonders of Nature
( God the Inventor )
God is the great designer. This book gives many examples of how God created an item long before man copied it.