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Christian book: 1998 1998
This is a collection of single comic humor based on scripture. Christian Fish has lots of illustrations for verses.
Christian book: 1999 1999
This is a series of one page comics that illustrate many different bible verses. They are light, but to the point! You are sure to enjoy what you read here and will come away with a greater application of scripture!
Christian book: 2000 2000
The Flip Side comic strip uses a play on words effect to bring out the scriptures. You are sure to get a kick out of this presentation!
Christian book: 2001 2001
The Flip Side comic strips by Mike Purcell. Short and to the point illustrations that aptly highlight certain bible verses.
Christian book: 2002 2002
More comic strips by Mike Purcell, The Flip Side, giving the dry humor you've come to enjoy!
Christian book: 2003 2003
The FlipSide comic strips making poignant illustrations again!