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The Christian Bit At The End

Christian book: A Crumb Story A Crumb Story
This little ant has a big job to do in crossing the road with some food for his dear wife. But the fact is, if he crosses the road he may lose his life! But some helpers come along, seeing his need, and together they accomplish what the ant originally thought could not be done.
Alpha and Omega
Christian book: Alphabet Rhymes Alphabet Rhymes
( Alpha and Omega )
This colorful book goes through each letter of the alphabet. We can be so thankful for our alphabet, it lets us communicate with each other and it lets God communicate with us through the bible!
Christian book: Arnold The Wise Old Elephant Arnold The Wise Old Elephant
( Truth )
Dorinda the hummingbird hit her head and now she thinks she's an elephant! She wants to join the herd! But no matter what Dorinda believes, she is still a bird, and being a bird is what she does best. . . . [ read more ]
Christian book: Bob Bob
( God )
Bob the fish went looking for the sea but couldn't find it. In the same way many seek God and fail to see Him even though evidence of Him is in and around all of us.
Christian book: Crazy Farm Crazy Farm
One day, down at the farm, the farmer and his wife decide to take off on an adventure for a while. Well, that's fine for them, but what about the animals? With no farmer, the animals get confused! They are not themselves! They need the farmer to lead them and keep them in order!
Christian book: Creepers Creepers
Joann has a magical green thumb, she grows things so well in the garden. One day bully comes along to bother her. She has her fun in getting him back! The truth of the matter is, Joann does not grow things well, God does. We water and feed and He causes the plants to grow.
Christian book: Dr. Brett Dr. Brett
( kindness )
Dr. Brett is kind and thoughtful to all the animals, serving them without charging. they love to come to him for help and even remember his birthday! Kindness is something anyone can show, it is one of the gifts God has given us to give to each other.