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Pre School

Fear of the dark
Christian book: Billy the Kid Billy the Kid
( Fear of the dark )
Like most of the children, Billy is scared of the dark, but when he found out the truth, he sleeps happily at night ever after.
Christian book: Closer Closer
( Jesus )
The closer you get to Jesus the more you are impelled to call Him Master and LORD.
Christian book: Goodnight Goodnight
A good night poem reassuring the young sleeper of how God loves and looks after us.
love motivates
Christian book: Lazy Old Grandpa Lazy Old Grandpa
( love motivates )
Grandpa will not take out the trash when Grandma asks him. But when Grandma remains his loving comfort anyway, Grandpa takes out trash without being asked.
Christian book: Little Angel Little Angel
( salvation )
Kate was a pretty little girl who wanted to be an angel for her birthday but when she does something bad she thinks she will no longer go to heaven.
Christian book: Nursery Rhymes Nursery Rhymes
This is a collection of traditional nursery rhymes rewritten from a Biblical perspective.
Christian book: The Bee The Bee
( Substitution )
Mummy loves her little girl so much that she took a sting from a crazy bee for the little girl. God did similar thing for everyone of us too....