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My name is Scott Yardley.   I own and created many of the images on this site. I was hoping you would pray for me.   Here are my requests in order of my concern.  

  1. A personal experience with God:  I want to feel and know the presence and love of God continually.  When I go to pray I want to sense His listening and clearly hear His words for me.
  2. Direction of God  I want to know God's will for me in all aspects of my life.  I want a heart that will not question God's will, but thirsts for and runs after God's will above anything else.
  3. Empowerment of God:  I want the strength to walk His walk, and when I speak of God, I want the words I speak to be indwelt with the Spirit of God that they may land effectually on the ears of those who listen. I don't want to build something that will not stand.
  4. Finance:  I would love to be able to focus my full energy on ChristArt. Please pray that a situation would arise that would make this financially possible.
Thank You