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Jack the Baboon ( 1 of 2 )

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Jack the Baboon ( 1 of 2 )

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short name: Jack the Baboon ( 1 of 2 )
nutshell: Baboons

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Wording of this Handout:

This true story comes from South Africa.

Once there was a man called James Edwin Wide. One day, in the late 1800's, he left his home in England and went to South Africa, where he got a job on the railways. When he got there he worked on a team which was putting new tracks through a rough piece of country, and, sadly, it was there that he had an accident which caused the loss of both his legs.

Poor James. He so wanted to keep his job, but he couldn't walk, so he thought his days with the railways were over. . . but along came a job as signalman. James applied for it, and got it. Happily, he took the job and started work again.
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