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The Story of the Great Flood

Sunday School Activity Sheet: The Story of the Great Flood

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short name: The Story of the Great Flood
nutshell: Noahs Ark 2

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Wording of this Handout:

The Bible tells us about a time when the whole world was covered by water. This huge Flood was sent by God as a punishment, because the people of the world were wicked.

After 120 years of warning the world, God finally sent the Flood, but He gave people an opportunity to be safe - He told Noah to build a huge boat, and He invited all the people in the world to come on board.

But only Noah and his family went on to the boat.

And then the rain and the fountains began to fill the world with water. For about a year the whole world was covered by water, then the land rose up and the sea floor sank, and the Flood was gone.

Noah's family started to have children, and then these children had children, and soon the world started to be populated again.

As the people moved away from the place where the huge boat had come to rest, they remembered the story of how their great great great...Grandfather Noah had escaped the Flood.

Bit by bit these stories changed, but they still had the same simple story. They have been passed down from generation to generation for about 3500 years.

There are more than 500 versions of the Bible story. They come from Egypt, and China, and the Australian aborigines, and the south american indians, and the Incas of Peru and the Maori of New Zealand and the people of Africa, and so on.

All these stories tell of a few people who escaped a huge flood - just like the Bible says. Thankfully, God has written the best story, with all the facts right in Bible, but it is interesting to hear how other people have kept the same story even though their versions are rather messed up.
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