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T. Rex T. Rex T. Rex

Sunday School Activity Sheet: T. Rex  T. Rex  T. Rex

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short name: T. Rex T. Rex T. Rex
nutshell: T Rex

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Wording of this Handout:

If you saw Jurassic Park (the movie), you would have seen a T. Rex chasing a Jeep. That was a thrilling bit!

But the fact is, if that T. Rex had tripped and fallen over, he probably would have died on the spot.

Some scientists have worked out that, if a T. Rex fell over while running. it would have made a hole 8 inches (20 centimeters) deep in dry soil, and its head would have hit the ground twice as hard!!!

But its more likely that a dinosaur as big as a full-grown T. Rex wouldn't have run as fast as the movie shows anyway, because of the danger of falling over.

So maybe the best way to kill a T. Rex was to tie a rope between two trees and make it follow you till it tripped over?


You have probably played with blocks, and found that the same blocks can be made into many different shapes.

For example, from the same blocks you can make a car, a boat or an airplane.

When God created the universe, He used very tiny blocks called atoms, and He built everything out of them.
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