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On the Ark

Sunday School Activity Sheet: On the Ark

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short name: On the Ark
nutshell: On the Ark

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Wording of this Handout:

Some people think the story of Noah's ark can't be true, because they think Noah had to have huge, monstrous dinosaurs on board!!! This is because most people, when they think of dinosaurs, imagine huge creatures, as heavy and as big as trucks or busses.

Noah's ark was huge, but even then, it would have been a bit awkward trying to fit a tyrannosaurus on board - or a brachiosaurus!

So what's the answer?

For a start, most dinosaurs were very small - about the size of a sheep, or even as small as a chicken. They would have been no trouble to fit on the ark.

And What about the really big ones?

Well, the Bible does NOT say that all the animals on the ark were FUllY GROWN. All it says is "the animals" or "creatures". It seems logical, and sensible, to think that these animals were smaller than fully grown. It would have been very easy to take baby dinosaurs on board, rather than huge, super-powerful, bone-crunching adults! dinosaurs.

How big is a tyrannosaurus when it hatches? About the size of a chicken Its the same for all the other dinosaurs.

You see, people make problems which just don't exist! When the Bible says something, it is always right.
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