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What happened

Sunday School Activity Sheet: What happened

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short name: What happened
nutshell: What happened

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Wording of this Handout:


The Bible Is the only book In the whole world which tells us where dinosaurs came from, and why they died out, although It doesn't go Into much detail.
Dinosaurs were Just a few of the animals which God created. They lived with all the other animals, at the start, and the people which God made, got on very well with them.
But after the first people God made were disobedient, God took away some of the beauty and safety on the Earth. Instead of being friends, the animals began to prey upon each other.
Soon things were even worse. People became more and more wicked, until God warned them than unless they changed their ways, He would punish them.
Only one family believed God's warning, so God decided to care for them. He told them to build a huge boat, called an ark.
When It was finished, God brought two of every kind of animal to the ark, and the family who had built the ark began to look after them.
As soon as the door of the ark was shut, God sent a flood to cover the whole Earth. Water water everywhere, tossing and roiling. Mud and trees, people and animals, all mixed up and drowning. What a terrible flood It was.
After many months, the waters began to drain away. Dry land appeared above the waves, and seeds which had been floating about began to sprout. Soon the land was green, and covered In little trees.
But what was under the land?
People today are still discovering the things which God burled. They find coal, which comes from buried forests. They find oil, which comes from buried forests and animals all mixed together. They find limestone, which comes from shells.
And they find fossils, which come from the buried remains of birds, fish and animals. The whole Earth is really a giant cemetery!
So why did the dinosaurs die out?
They were drowned.
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