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The birds and the bees

Sunday School Activity Sheet: The birds and the bees

tags: nature, creationism

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short name: The birds and the bees
nutshell: Nature

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Wording of this Handout:

The Bible says that God created everything, so when we look at Nature we should see something which helps us understand what God is like.

When I look at Nature, I sometimes try to think of all the different ways in which life makes copies of itself.

Cows have calves, horses have foals, and humans have babies.

But there is more to it than this. God has thought up all sorts of amazing methods as well. For example, frogs come from tadpoles, which come from eggs in little bags under the water.

Butterflies don't come from eggs laid on leaves, or from caterpillars, they come from pupa in their cocoon.

Birds come from eggs, and flowers come from seeds. Some trees come from twigs, while other trees come from roots.

Whatever life we look at in nature, it is always amazing, and whenever life makes copies of itself the copies always start off small and then grow.

Do you know how small you were when you were born?
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